Day 5

Today we had a bus tour of the city. Everyone was asleep. The tour guide was boring and we were all super tired. Almost everyone was asleep for the hole tour. Then we went to the louvre. We saw the Mona Lisa and a lot of nude sculptures. Then we had free time. I bought a sweater, a bikini, a bag, and sunglasses. Zac the cheap skate actually spent some money today. He bought a pair of awesome shoes and a fedora. Then we went for supper at the hippotumas. It was good but I got a bit weirded out when they said that the meat was hippo, it wasn’t actually but it put me off my appetite. Then we went this cool building. Then we had more free time. Now we are back at the room. Night y’all. 


Day 4: first day in Pari

Alright so today we had to get up at 5 in the blinking AM! It was all very exhausting because we didn’t get back from Wicked till like 11:30 ish. So I didn’t really fall asleep till 1. So as a result I slept the hole train ride to Paris. Not like that was a bigy cause the Chunnel wasn’t very interesting from what I heard. Just dark. Then once we got to Paris we went and dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went off the the Arch deTriumph. It was breath taking as most of the sights on this trip have been. We got free time here so we went off to find some lunch in our school group. Everywhere was hectic so we just got croissants to tide us over to lunch. Then we went to Notre Dam. We toured through the church and then had more free time. So me and Mandy went out shopping. I found a sweater and a scarf and a nifty lighter. Then we went off to supper. It was crepes!!! The first crepe was awesome. It was like an omelet crossed with a crepe. It good. Then for dessert was a chocolate crepe. Then we went to the Eiffel tower with brittany and Zac and my new friends from California. We went to the second layer by stairs and now my legs are so sore they are shaking uncontrollably. I had an awesome shower, though the shower is supper messed up. You have to hold the shower head through the hole shower. It was a little sad but nice and long and warm. Well thats all for today so night night! 

Day 3

Today was a good day. We went to stonehenge and Bath. It was cold so I didn’t spend much time outside looking at stonehenge but I did get a good picture with it and I got one of Zac too. Then at Bath after touring the bathhouses we got some free time to roam about the city. I went off exploring with my new friend Brittany  and then with Zac. We went shopping and so sorry Lori and Todd but I lost Zac in the city. Hehe just kidding. He did disappear for a while but we ended up finding him. I found my bathing suit for England. It was goal to get a bathing suit in every country/city we go to and I’m well into that goal. Then when we came back we unfortunately had to skip the fish and chips supper to go see Wicked. But man was it WICKED!!! All right and now I’m back. SK goodnight/good afternoon all. 

Day 2

Hey sorry not much time for an update. The iPad is acting up so my wifi is almost up. Zac and I explored the tower of london. The bus tour was awesome. The found the coolest store ever. We had awesome supper and lunch. And I bought some souvenirs. Yay!!!!
Night my loved ones. I miss ya

First day in Europe

So we left Saskatoon at 6 ish on the 27th. We had a short flight to Calgary which was good but the flight from there to London was brutal. It was impossible to get comfortable and I got only about half an hour of sleep. But high point the food was actually really good. Once we got to London we had to wait at the airport for the other groups that would be touring with us. That took a while so I made my first purchase with pounds, a awesome chocolate bar. It was soooooooo good. So once we all got together we got on a bus and headed to our hotel. The drive was about 2 hours because the hotel was on the other side if London and there was some light traffic. It was so relaxing though that I had a nap. When I wasn’t napping I noticed that London is a very strange kind of city. Driving through the city it looked like your where driving through like 20 sheep farms. Sheep everywhere!! Like crazy, big sheep, baby sheep, just like tons of SHEEP!! So once we got to the hotel and got organized we went out for a foot tour. We learned how to use the subways and we saw all the toursety things like the eye, big ben, trofulgar square, and buckingham palace briefly. It was awesome. I took pictures. Then we went to like this outdoor market where they had all kinds if stuff and I bought myself an awesome hat. Then we went for supper and honestly it was not my cup of tea. We went to a place called Hummus Bros. you can imagine what they severed! HUMMUS!!! I was not so happy. Now we are back at the hotel and I’m stuck rooming with three girls that I just barely met and I’m not sure if I like. Well that’s the up date for ya folk. Hope you’re loving the living through me cause I’m loving doing the living!!


Hello to all who are reading this blog/journal of my traveling of Europe. In 2 days I will be departing from Saskatoon airport to London, England. From here on out I will try to publish a post everyday of my trip to let y’all know whats going on in that oh so far away place, Europe.

Hope you enjoy my blog/journal. It shall be my pleasure to share my adventures with you 🙂